Membership Club

About Membership

Vitaplus wholesale became a membership club in January 2020, where special prices and additional loyalty discounts were offered to its members to help during the pandemic.
Just in 2022 we have released over £60,000 as additional loyalty discounts to our members on top of the lower prices.
It is an easy and simple process to become a member.

Types of Membership


Membership Account Terms

1. Application for the membership account will require some documentation to be provided depending on the type of account requested. Please see the latest Vitaplus Membership Leaflet for further details.
2. A clear face picture is a requirement for the issuing of a membership card. This rule applies for all customers.
3. The old version of the membership cards have become void and replaced by the new photo cards. The old cards have not been valid from August 2020.
4. The membership fee is for a 12-month period from the date of the initial enrollment of the Primary Cardholder/Account. It must be renewed annually to be able to continue to benefit from the membership programme.
5. If a member wishes to get a second card for a co-worker for ease and convenience when the account holder cannot be present, then we can facilitate for that. The co-worker must be present with an ID and its authorisation must be given by the account holder.
6. The third card will be chargeable at the standard rate depending on the nature of the account (i.e., Business/Trade Account or Standard Account).
7. Renewal cardholder changes, including additions or deletions, must be authorised by the Primary Cardholder.
8. If the card is lost, then there will be a £10 fee payable for a replacement card.
9. Vitaplus Cash & Carry takes the confidentiality of its members with the utmost importance, and therefore it will ensure that personal information is kept confidential and not shared with any third parties.

Discount Terms

10. All members must have their membership cards with them when they approach the checkouts for ease of account accessibility and to avail any loyalty discounts.
11. No physical membership card, No loyalty discount. Membership card picture in a mobile device is not acceptable. Member will still have access to the lower discounted member’s prices and promotions.
12. If you have a shared membership account, then the loyalty discount will be as only one per day per account.
13. Membership loyalty discount not availed due to the absence of the card will not be transferable to any future transaction.
14. Predefined discounts will be applicable on certain purchasing thresholds. The discount and the purchase thresholds will be found within the latest Vitaplus Membership Leaflet.
15. Price differences between members and non-members will apply to the bulk range of the products, however there will be some products that will be exempt from any price differences. Most of the member’s price savings will be on cased products as well as some selected unit products. Please refer to the latest Vitaplus Membership Leaflet for further details.
16. There will be certain products that will be excluded from additional loyalty discount allocations due to extreme low or zero margins. If a transaction is made from the bulk of those items, then the additional loyalty discount on the transaction is not applicable. For the excluded products and further information please refer to the latest Vitaplus Membership Leaflet.
17. VAT will be charged where applicable on the products

Serving Rules

18. Members are requested to follow the queue system and not rush our till operators. We must ensure the accurate serving and fair treatment of all our customers.
19. All customers are expected to engage in self-service when collecting their products on trolleys, unless the customer is physically incapable due to old age, sickness, or disability or that an order has been placed beforehand in accordance with the Order Placing Terms. Please refer to the Order Placing Notice available at the customer service area for further information
20. Customers are required to show purchase receipts for the items bought at the store exit. We must ensure that customers are correctly charged for purchases made in the store
21. Members will be required to purchase any packages or products opened or damaged by them
22. Every customer is required to return the trolley as soon as possible to the area allocated for this purpose to avoid any vehicle damage or any obstacle in traffic flow.
23. Vitaplus Cash & Carry trolleys are to be exclusively used by customers for the purchases made from Vitaplus Cash & Carry only.
24. The customer is responsible for any damage caused by trolleys or shopping cart to any product or vehicle during the usage by that customer.
25. It is strictly prohibited to use the Vitaplus parking for dumping rubbish or pallets or any other items that will cause obstruction.
26. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited at Vitaplus Cash & Carry for both members and non-members and any other stakeholders.
27. Vitaplus Cash & Carry values and respects the relationships with all its customers; however, the “relationship” does not supersede the ‘Terms and Conditions’ for any customer.
28. Please refer to the posters of store rules that are available around the store for further information .
29. Terms and conditions displayed in the store and including in printed materials and leaflets, may not reflect the most recent version of the terms and conditions.
30. Vitaplus Cash & Carry reserves the right to change the customer membership policy at any time.

Termination of Membership

32. Vitaplus Cash & Carry will not tolerate any abuse or misdemeanor from customers towards its staff, other customers, and property.
33. Vitaplus Cash & Carry members with a valid membership card can take Purchasing Privileges. Failure to comply with the conditions and regulations or abuse of your membership privileges or misconduct and abusive behaviour towards our staff or other customers may result in the termination of the membership account. Cards remain the property of Vitaplus and must be returned upon request.
34. Circulation of the Membership card to unauthorised individuals with the intent to pass on the membership privileges to customers not related or approved in relation to the Primary Account is classified as a misuse of the account and therefore be a breach of the terms and conditions. Such activity will result in the confiscation of the card and possibly the termination of the Primary Account.
35. Termination of the Primary Cardholder account will result in a termination of all associated cards as well.
36. If the account holder decides to sell their business, the Primary Account cannot be transferrable to the new party/management. The new management of the business will have to open a separate account with their details to differentiate between the two entities and keep all records up to date.